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We have plenty of claim methods to ensure it will be the easiest for you to get your order.

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Discord System

Instant Claim


Account Method


Quick Explanation:

Get Started

Click the “CLAIM ORDER” page to access your unique claim processing page, make sure to keep it private!

Complete the Steps

In order to inform the bot you must provide your username and MM2 level and join the VIP server.

Trade with Bots

Once you completed the steps and joined the server, the bot will ask you to type ‘trade’ and complete the order.

Detailed Explanation:

• Once you placed an order, you will be redirected to your order confimation page that includes your unique Instant Claim method link.

• You can also find it in your email’s order confimation receipt, in both cases it appears as “CLAIM ORDER” button.

• If you can’t find it in both, you can generate your link here by providing your order number and matching email.

• Complete the steps by providing the username and MM2 level of the account you wish to claim the items with.

• You must be level 10 or higher in MM2 in order to receive trades, If your level is lower than 10 it won’t work!

• You cannot join with a different account, the username you provided in the steps is the username the bot will send trade to.

• Once you completed the steps and joined the private server, you must type ‘trade’ in the game chat.

• You have 45 seconds to type ‘trade’ or you will have to rejoin the private server.

• Please do not send trade to the bots, you will only receive a trade request when you type ‘trade’.

After completing the steps, joining the private server and typing ‘trade’ in game chat, the bot will send you a trade and add the Items, If your order contains more than 4 Items then the bot will send you another trade request(s) until you receive all.

• Make sure to have a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid issues mid process.

• It is recommended to record the process in case of any issue, if you need to contact support.

• Sometimes the bots are having unexpected issues, try to re-join the private server, re-do the steps or contact support to solve it.

• Due to recent MM2 update, only level 10 or higher accounts are allowed to trade, please do not use new accounts.


• We've create a video to make it easier for you to understand!


Method 1:

1 - Fill your account information in the "Account Details" bar.
2 - Choose the "Account Method" at the step 2 checkout.
3 - Complete the purchase and wait.

Method 2:

1 - Complete the "Discord System" steps
2 - Type "6" in your request and Choose with Account Option would you prefer.
3 - You can choose between providing your alt account or ask our bot to create you a new account.
4 - Confirm your selection and wait for a manager to complete your order.

• We've create a video to make it easier to understand!
• Due to recent update(s) you must provide a level 10+ MM2 account!

Frequently asked questions

Depends on the method, the account and discord methods take up to 24 hours and the chat method takes up to 3 days.

Yes, It is safe but also recommended to provide an unverified fresh new account to avoid any issues.

You can find the server link here.


Sometimes it takes even less than 6 hours, it usually takes 24 hours by claiming via the Discord or Account method and up to 3 days by claiming via the chat support method.