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You can claim your order In many ways!

There are 3 methods to claim your order. The first is to claim by either using Discord(1) or the Chat Support(2). Or by giving your account information at the cart page, before the purchase(3).



Method 1: Discord.

You can claim your order by using the Claim System, In our Discord Server, To find how how our Claim System and the Discord claim method works, Click Here.


Method 2: The Support Chat.

You can use the Support Chat down below, and contact us directly, you can create a MM2Store account for a faster and better experience claim process.


Method 3: Provide your Roblox Account information.

On the cart page, you can add Additional Information note with your Account Information, and we will transfer the Items directly to your account, without wasting your time, It is recommended to create a new roblox account only for your purchases here.

Make sure you don't have 2 Step Verification on, You have to provide your Username and Password. 

  • Don't hesitate to contact us via the Support Chat If you have any question, the claim process may take few hours.


Please follow this link.